Beth’s Writing

Some new writing I’m doing.  Not sure exactly where it fits in yet.  Enjoy!!!


Clouds of smoke billow from his parted lips, and I’m mesmerized. They look rough like
the rest of him, but I bet they’re soft. He takes another puff, inhaling deeply, then letting
it out slow and easy. How he can make something vile look so sexy, I’ll never know.

My hands are getting cold and I cup them against my mouth then blow into my palms.
Anything to put off asking the question until the words finally tumble out. I need to
know. “So…I overheard Stevie talking about his move to Minnesota, and that you
might go, too….” My voice trails off, breath trapped in my throat.

“Yup. Thinking about it.” He pauses, then turns toward me, his face in shadows.
“Why…Would you miss me bean?” There’s a lilt of humor and challenge in his voice,
but something else, too. I only wish we could explore whatever that is.

My mouth is suddenly too dry and I swallow hard. The truth with him is never easy.
“Y-yeah, I would.”

He flicks his cigarette out the window, exhaling one last puff of air into the night sky.
Heat blasts through the vents as he cranks the engine, staring out at the empty beach.
“I’d miss you too,” he whispers. “More than you know.”

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